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Why and how your church should use Zoom to live stream your church  services, especially in emergencies (Part II) | PastorsLine


Many have the desire to be at church today.  I believe all have this desire. There is so many that have been effected, please pray for all. 

>>>Option 1. You may view on the home page of this website. Click Home at the top of this page. Then just scroll down until you view the live video stream. It will come online a few minutes before 11 AM.

>>>Option 2.  Call in using the Prayer Line phone #.  
ALL must be muted or there will be feedback and I'll have to turn it off.  !!!!
Call:  (712) 432-0900
Code -  407096#

Again we will be live Sabbath at 11:00 AM central,  12:00 PM eastern. 
Happy Sabbath !!!