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500 - A Lamp Unto My Feet

In rural England, a monument stands to one of the great heroes of the Reformation. He grew up far from the center of attention, but history remembers him as one of the giants. While others preached or developed doctrines, this man poured himself into translating and printing. His legacy? The Bible. Join John Bradshaw on location in England and explore the life of William Tyndale, the man who translated the Bible into English.

500 - The Celtic Connection

While St. Patrick is known globally, few people understand that he was an enormously influential missionary who brought faith in Christ to the pagans of Ireland. Join John Bradshaw on location in Ireland and discover the truth about Saint Patrick.

500 - The Reformation

Five hundred years later, is the Reformation over? Or is there still work to be done? Join John Bradshaw on location across Europe in the opening program of It Is Written’s 500 series.

Money, Money, Money

Even though you can’t live without it, having it can bring all kinds of complications. The Bible speaks more about money than almost any other subject. In Money, Money, Money you’ll find out how you can prevent what God intended to be a blessing from becoming a curse. Make solid, spiritual decisions regarding your finances. Join John Bradshaw and special guest Julian Archer and learn how to handle money to the glory of God.

Give Me Scotland

He is remembered today as a titan of the Reformation, a man who stood boldly for the Bible. Though John Knox was opposed by the might of the Catholic Church, he fearlessly advanced the Word of God. Join John Bradshaw on location in Scotland as you walk through the life of John Knox, a true champion of truth.

The Dangers of Technology

We live in an age of unprecedented access. This generation is the first in history to be constantly connected to a stream of information, the effect of which can be extremely harmful, both mentally and spiritually. Join John Bradshaw as he and his guests look at the worrying impact the Information Age is having on our world, and learn how you can protect yourself from the dangers of technology.

Father Forgive

When German bombers attacked Coventry, England, in November of 1940 during World War II, more than 500 people were killed, the city was devastated, and Coventry Cathedral was completely destroyed. The day after the attack, the leading minister at Coventry Cathedral wrote on a wall behind the altar, in the ruins of the cathedral, the words "Father forgive." Join John Bradshaw on location in Coventry, England, and discover humanity's call to forgive and God's willingness to forgive those who ask.



Seventh-day Adventist Church adopts new brand promise

“We can help you understand the Bible to find freedom, healing and hope in Jesus.” The Adventist Promise sets a clear expectation of what the worldwide public can expect from all Adventist entities and members.  The Adventist Promise aims to deliver a clear message about what the movement stands for, and seeks to leave a lasting impression on people in the 21st century.  It is framed as a brand promise which is used by organizations worldwide to clearly explain what they offer to customers,...

Former drug addicts make decisions for Christ

Former drug addicts were among 23 people who were baptized on November 25 at Kita Kore Seventh-day Adventist Church in Dei District of Western Highlights, Papua New Guinea. The baptisms followed a two-week evangelistic series conducted by district director Pastor Andrew Jacob. Solomon Paul, communication director for the Western Highlands Mission, said local minister Joe Aki had significantly influenced the lives of the drug-addicted men, who were despised in their community. He reached out to...

Young woman with cancer travels halfway across Brazil to participate in Reset camp

Rosangela Cardoso is a youth leader and physical education teacher at an Adventist school in Tucurui, southern Para, Brazil. “Two years ago it became painful for me to breathe. At first, doctors said it was a temporary pain, a side effect of a pneumonia I had,” says Cardoso. Last year, in greater pain, she returned to the hospital. After running several tests, the doctors diagnosed her symptoms as emotionally related and gave her some medication. Her health only worsened.  A new reality In May...

Hope Radio goes to air in Kirbati

The South Pacific’s newest Adventist Hope radio station has hit the airwaves, aimed at sharing the good news about Jesus to the residents of Kiribati. The new station is located at the Kiribati Mission headquarters at Korobu, South Tarawa. On Monday, November 12, it went to air for the first time. Radio announcer Tarataake Angirio made the first transmission, later saying that it was an historic day for the Church. “It was something to be happy about and to be proud of as Seventh-day Adventist...

Unprecedented numbers of migrants and refugees means new religious freedom challenges, say scholars

As the number of migrants and refugees worldwide continues to surge, a panel of scholars convened last month by the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA) says more must be done to deal with related religious freedom challenges.  The IRLA’s 19thMeeting of Experts, held in Cordoba, Spain, brought together renowned scholars from a variety of academic disciplines to explore this issue. But the topics discussed were anything but academic for the many millions of men, women and children...

Mega Health Expo brings together 7,000 young people in downtown Curitiba

It was 9am on a Sabbath morning and thousands of Seventh-day Adventist youth were missing from their churches. Without any more information, this would be disturbing news. Actually, it was the result of a coordinated effort to impact the city of Curitiba in a powerful way.  It was the third day of the “Fortes” Camporee. The goal was mission—spreading the good news of the gospel to whomever the participants met. Coordinators organized a huge health expo featuring natural remedies: pure air,...

Andrews University’s Envision Magazine wins Pacemaker Award

On Oct. 27, 2018, Andrews University’s student-produced Envision magazine received a Pacemaker award from the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP). Known as “collegiate journalism’s preeminent award,” the Pacemaker awards are presented yearly by the ACP. Paul Kim, chair of the university's Department of Visual Art, Communication & Design, says, “These [Pacemaker awards] are widely referred to as the Pulitzer Prizes of collegiate journalism.” Entries for the Pacemaker awards span a variety of...

Southwestern Adventist University communication professors receive Emmy Awards

Southwestern Adventist University’s department of communication has won an Emmy® award — considered the highest honor in the television industry — at a televised awards ceremony in Houston, Texas, on Nov. 10, 2018. Professors Kyle Portbury, Michael Agee, and Glen Robinson each received an Emmy® for their work on “Truth” in the category of Historic/Cultural — Program Feature/Segment. In addition, writer/director Kyle Portbury received an Emmy® nomination for outstanding achievement in directing....

Tim Cahill visits Auburn Adventist school

Ahead of his last-ever game for Australia tomorrow night, soccer legend Tim Cahill visited Auburn Seventh-day Adventist School this morning. Star-struck kids were offered the opportunity to interact with Cahill, including a live Q&A session and photo opportunities. Promoting the upcoming Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon, Cahill also acknowledged the company’s community programs. “Being involved with the triathlon, it’s about taking part. Everyone wins a medal. It’s about keeping them fit,...

Steps forward for media and communication in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Adventist church in Bosnia & Herzegovina is developing a media and communication program to more effectively reach the 3.5 million people of this south-east European Balkan nation. At the beginning of 2018, the church opened official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts as ways to tell everyone of the Adventist presence in the country.  The pages are filled with our beliefs, activities, and good intentions toward our local communities. The next step was a workshop especially prepared...

Do’s and don’ts to survive healthfully through the holidays

Many people during the upcoming holiday season are likely to have stressors in their lives, which include keeping bank accounts steady, stress levels low and waistlines under control. Weight gain begins to rise in the United States throughout October and November, peaking approximately 10 days after Christmas, according to a study in the The New England Journal of Medicine. On average, a person’s weight increases nearly a pound and a half during the holiday season. While the average weight...