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Coming this weekend Nov. 10 & 11
Friday night and Sabbath – (see the schedule below)

Ernie and Kim Layon lived in San Diego, CA up to 2017. During that year they received a conviction to leave San Diego and move to a smaller rural area in Southeast Arizona. Hanging only on the promises of God, they left their careers to pursue a higher calling. Their ministry is geared toward sharing their experiences and testimonies to encourage those to trust and obey God and see the blessings that will come and a faith that will grow stronger. Their experiences are documented on their YouTube channel, “City Exodus.” They still live in Southeast Arizona and are in the process of opening their Off Grid Home Sanitarium/Wellness Center called “The Heart of the Desert Wellness and Health.” They currently travel doing the gospel medical missionary work by helping people with various diseases and training others to do this work of sharing the gospel through the health message. Their hope is that these messages will encourage others to do this work. . .the entering wedge to the Gospel in these last days.

We look forward to fellowshipping together with you!

(Since the Sabbath will be a fully packed day, there will be a potluck meal in in FLC following the 11:20 am service & light refreshments around 5 pm.  Please plan to bring food to share for lunch and fruit for light refreshments between the seminar & vespers.  We may have many visitors so plan accordingly.)