Bookmobile Coming, Thursday, Mar 2

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Bookmobile Schedule:

             March 2    Cumberland Hts        9:00  -  9:30 am CDT
             March 2    McMinnville             11:00 - 11:30 am CDT
             March 2    Cookeville                 1:30 -  2:00 pm CDT
             March 2    Deer Lodge                4:30 -  5:00 pm EDT
             March 2    Crossville                   5:30 -  6:00 pm CDT


Prayer Still Moves Mountains by Diane Pestes

Through the power of the Holy Spirit and His army of holy angels, God has heavenly boots on the ground right now, guiding our steps and answering our calls for help. This compilation of heart-felt, personal vignettes about answered prayer will renew your spiritual strength for the last chapter of Earth’s story. Sale $15.99 reg.$17.99


Book 13: 40 Days of Prayer on the Sovereignty of God by Dennis Smith 

Many times in Scripture, God tells us not to be afraid. So how do we do that? Understanding what the Bible teaches about God’s sovereignty is the key to experiencing a life of peace instead of one brimming with fear and anxiety. This is the thirteenth book in the 40 Days devotional series and is designed to prepare God’s church for Christ’s second coming. Sale $15.99 reg.$17.99


Food Specials – Frozen

Slices $4.99 each - $36.99 case
(Chicken, Corned Beef, Ham, Smoked Turkey, Turkey, Salami)
Dinner Roast $17.99 each - $99.99 case
Bacon Strips $4.79 each - $56.99 case


Food Specials – Canned

Choplets 13oz can - $8.89 can - $87.99 case
FriChik   $8.19 can - $85.99 case
Linketts 15 oz  $7.39 can - $77.99 case
Saucettes 15 oz  $7.39 can - $77.99 case
Swiss Steak  $8.19 can - $85.99 case