Hope Awakens Series

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Hope Awakens 1 — Signs Your Can't Ignore 
Diseases, natural disasters, violence, and conflicts rage around the world. What are they telling us? And how can we find hope in their midst?

Hope Awakens 2 — Hope Awakens
When your regular routine has been upended and tomorrow’s plans are anything but certain, how can you know with certainty what the future holds?

Hope Awakens 3 — The Unseen Enemy 
Sometimes unseen things can dramatically change your life. Who or what is behind the chaos in the world today?

Hope Awakens 4 — Heroes In A Time Of Crisis
Heroes often emerge in times of greatest need. Meet a group of heroes in earth’s darkest hour.

Hope Awakens 5 — From Failure To Victory
Everyone knows what failure feels like. But how do you recover and turn that failure into a spectacular victory?

Hope Awakens 6 — Earth's Ultimate Remedy
In a time when the entire world is searching for a cure, God provides a remedy for all sickness, sin and suffering.

Hope Awakens 7 — Rest And Recovery
An ancient secret, a gift, and the offer of rest and hope to humanity.

Hope Awakens 8 — A Matter Of Trust
What does trust look like? And what does it look like to trust in God?

Hope Awakens 9 — Beyond The Light
There’s a lot of mystery about what waits for us beyond this life. What is on the other side of life in this world? Find out in “Beyond the Light,” as some of life’s most important questions are answered.

Hope Awakens 10 — Lockdown: A Planet in Isolation
The world knows a lot more now about isolation than ever before. Yet there’s coming a time when the entire planet will be under lockdown.

Hope Awakens 11 — The New Normal: A World Without Fear
A world without fear seems impossible to imagine. But one day there will be no more fear, or sadness, or death.

Hope Awakens 12 — Experiencing Renewal
Everyone has wanted to start over again. In school, at work, in relationships, or in life itself. Find out how you can start all over again and face tomorrow with hope.

Hope Awakens 13 — Survival Keys for Challenging Times
Recent events have shown us just how fragile life can be. Approach the challenging days of the future with confidence.

Hope Awakens 14 — The Next Superpower

Big changes are taking place behind the scenes. See how they affect society in days to come, in “The Next Superpower.”

Hope Awakens 15 — A House Divided
Ancient prophecies reveal a time when the world chooses its ultimate destiny. How many will stand on the side of God?

Hope Awakens 16 — Ancient Empires, Modern Mysteries
Predictions made long ago come into stark focus in earth’s last days. The book of Revelation offers hope in a time of confusion.

Hope Awakens 17 — A Place of Safety
Everyone wants to feel safe. And God has a plan to offer the world a spiritual haven in the days before the return of Jesus.

Hope Awakens 18 — The Final Invitation
Jesus came to save the entire. While not everyone will accept the invitation, there's still time left to have assurance and confidence.

Hope Awakens 19 — The Ultimate Destination

Hope Awakens 20 — The Journey