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If you would like to use this in your emails as your letterhead, please follow the steps below:

  1. First RIGHT CLICK on the above image, then click COPY IMAGE ADDRESS.
  2. OPEN a NEW WINDOW in Chrome.
    Control-N (Windows), Command-N (Mac)
  3. GO to your Hope Awakens email at
  4. GO to Settings by clicking the gear icon. (See 1st photo below)
  5. CLICK on the ADVANCED tab (see 2nd photo below.)
  6. Now make sure that Templates are ENABLED (see 3rd photo below)




  7. Now CLICK on COMPOSE in upper LEFT.
  8. DELETE your name & Hope Awakens Rep from new email.
  9. CLICK in the email and you will see a line flashing.
  10. Next CLICK on INSERT PHOTOInsert Image Icon at GetDrawings | Free download icon at BOTTOM of email
  11. At the top of the pop-up, CLICK Web Address (URL)
  12. RIGHT CLICK in the box where it says Paste an image URL here.
  13. CLICK paste. You should soon see the letterhead image.
  14. CLICK INSERT to place the image into the email.
  15. To CENTER the image, CLICK on the ALIGN iconImage result for alignment symbolat bottom of the email. (see 1st photo below)
  16. Then CLICK on Align CENTER in the MIDDLE. (see 2nd photo below) 



  17. Next click on 3 vertical dots > ⋮ < on BOTTOM RIGHT of email.
  18. In the pop-up CHOOSE TEMPLATES then Save draft as template.  
    SAVE as NEW TEMPLATE  and name it:  HOPE AWAKENS  

    CONGRATULATIONS! You did it!!!