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The meeting nights are Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The times are 6:00 p.m. CDT,    
9:00 p.m. CDT, and 12:00 a.m. CDT. Please convert these times to your local time zone. Starting on Sabbath, May 2 (after John has presented the Sabbath message), we will also include Sabbath morning presentations. The times for that are 10:00 a.m. CDT, 1:00 p.m. CDT, and 4:00 p.m. CDT. Once again, please convert these times to your local time zone. The meetings will end on Saturday morning, May 16.

Hope Awakens Meeting Dates and Titles

  1. Fri Apr. 17 – SIGNS YOU CAN’T IGNORE (Seeing the Signs)
  2. Sat Apr. 18 – HOPE AWAKENS (Daniel 2)
  3. Tues Apr. 21 – THE UNSEEN ENEMY (Great Controversy)
  4. Wed Apr. 22 – HEROES IN A TIME OF CRISIS (Law and Grace)
  5. Fri Apr. 24 – FROM FAILURE TO VICTORY (Judgment/Salvation)
  6. Sat Apr. 25 – EARTH’S ULTIMATE REMEDY (Second Coming)
  7. Tues Apr. 28 – REST AND RECOVERY (Sabbath. Quality Time.)
  8. Wed Apr. 29 – A MATTER OF TRUST (Change of Sabbath. The Day that Disappeared.)
  9. Fri May 1 – BEYOND THE LIGHT (Death. Mystery of Death.)
  10. Sat May 2 am – LOCKDOWN: A PLANET IN ISOLATION (A Planet in Lockdown)
  11. Sat May 2 pm – THE NEW NORMAL: A WORLD WITHOUT FEAR (Hell. Revelation’s Lake of Fire.)
  12. Tues May 5 – EXPERIENCING RENEWAL (Baptism)
  13. Wed May 6 – SURVIVAL KEYS FOR CHALLENGING TIMES (Health. Fitness for the Crisis.)
  14. Fri May 8 – THE NEXT SUPERPOWER (Antichrist)
  15. Sat May 9 am – A HOUSE DIVIDED: THE FUTURE AT THE CROSSROADS (Mark of the Beast/USA.)
  16. Sat May 9 pm – ANCIENT EMPIRES, MODERN MYSTERIES (Fall of Babylon)
  17. Tues May 12 – A PLACE OF SAFETY (In Search of the Church)
  18. Wed May 13 – THE FINAL INVITATION (Unpardonable Sin. Gift of the Spirit.)
  19. Fri May 15 – THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION (Heaven. As Good as it Gets.)
  20. LAST MEETING. Sat May 16 am – THE JOURNEY (Personal Testimony)  


Be assured that all of these sermons will be very Christ-centered and will include a heavy dose of hope!  Please pray for John as he carefully crafts the presentations for the times we are living in. The nightly presentations will include a special guest, Q & A, and the main presentation. We’re choosing a dynamic and personable approach vs. a more rigid and formal style.